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Dear visitors to the website of the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS),

The Slovenian Research Agency was established by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, on the basis of its decision of 26 December 2003. The Agency performs professional, development and executive tasks relating to the National Research and Development Programme at every level, as well as other work to promote research and development activities. The Agency carries out its legally determined duties in the public interest, providing permanent, professional and independent decision-making on the selection of programmes and projects financed from the state budget and other financial sources. The Agency is an indirect user of the state budget in terms of the legal provisions that govern public finances and public agencies.

The Agency's highest decision-making body is the Scientific Council, which is a professional and advisory body comprising six members, representing six scientific disciplines. The president and members of the Scientific Council are nominated by the minister responsible for science, on the proposal of the Governmental Council for Science and Technology. The Scientific Council appoints permanent or temporary expert bodies to manage specific tasks. In the decision-making structure of the Agency the scientific and research councils for the individual scientific disciplines constitute the permanent bodies of the Scientific Council. The Agency's headquarters are located at Bleiweisova cesta 30 in Ljubljana. We are constructing our website on an ongoing basis, and look forward to your frequent visits.


Franci Demšar, Ph.D.
Acting Director, ARRS