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International cooperation

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Science Europe Working Group on Research Policy and Programme Evaluation where ARRS is actively involved releases a new Position Statement on Research Information Systems. This statement aims to enhance the interoperability of research information systems by providing a set of common principles to guide their development.


Science Europe issues its second Position statement in regard to Horizon 2020 interim evaluation entitled “The Framework programme that Europe Needs”.


Open Access (OA) publishing policies in Science Europe Member Organisations published in a new report.


The Science Europe Working Group on Research Careers where ARRS has been actively involved has released a new survey report mapping the support opportunities available for postdoctoral researchers (postdocs) in order to improve understanding of what funders do to support researchers’ careers after the completion of their PhD, and to learn whether existing funding schemes can be improved in terms of career support.


A new statement was released on the Horizon 2020 budget: “Funding Research in Horizon 2020: Europe’s Most Valuable Strategic Resource’. Science Europe expresses strong concern that the research funding budget be maximised in Horizon 2020 so that Europe can fully realise its target of becoming a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. Funding for research and innovation in Europe is a critical strategic investment which is essential for Europe’s long-term growth and prosperity.


Report available from the Science Europe Survey on ‘Research Integrity Practices in Science Europe Member Organisations’ undertaken by the Working Group on Research Integrity


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