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International cooperation
Multilateral cooperation

Multilateral international scientific cooperation denotes the cooperation of researchers from Slovenia and one or more other countries from Europe or the world.

The 7th European Union Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7)

Till 07.11.2012, 4299 research organizations (ROs) from Slovenia have (co-)submitted applications to FP7 calls, and 660 slovenian ROs have signed contracts for 122 million EUR in FP7, including, inter alia, 1071 partner ROs from Germany, 776 from Italy, 754 from Britain, 697 from Spain and 570 from France (source: European Commission website).

ARRS encourages and stimulates the participation of slovenian ROs in FP7 calls.

Applicants from Slovenia who participate in FP7 projects are eligible for additional funding.

A financial contribution to the costs of the project application in the amount of $ 1,000 EUR (or 2,500 when acting as co-ordinator of an international consortium) can be payed to any Slovenian RO (within »de minimis« rules for State aid) which, with its application, reaches more than half of the possible score in the FP7 review process.

For positively evaluated applications to calls of European Research Council (ERC) which were not selected for funding by the ERC a complementary scheme is in place.

Participation in COST Actions

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is an intergovernmental framework for cooperation of research organizations from different European countries in the field of science and technology, which allows for co-ordination of nationally funded research and networking of researchers.
Researchers from Slovenia have so far participated in 498 COST Actions and, at the beginning of 2013, participated in 156 actions.

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