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Prof. Dr. József Györkös began his term of office as a Director of the Slovenian Research Agency

Foto: Viktor Taneski

On the basis of the decision taken within the competitive procedure on the selection of the Director of the Management Board of the Slovenian Research Agency taken on 3 October 2014 and the decision adopted by the Government of the RS on 30 October 2014, Prof. Dr. József Györkös started his five-year term of office on 1 November 2014

After Prof. Dr. Györkös took his office, he shared some of his thoughts which are accessible at the following link.

Before appointment, Prof. Dr. Györkös was a professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor. Between 2001 and 2004, he was a state secretary of the Republic of Slovenia at the Ministry of Information Society, later, from November 2008 and June 2011 he was a state secretary at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology where he was, among other things, actively engaged in the preparation of the Research Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia 2011-2020 (RISS) and the National Programme of the Higher Education 2011-2020. In January 2013, he was appointed a member and later on elected president of the CONNECT Advisory Forum for Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technology, based ob the call of the European Commission, acting as an advisory body to the European Commission in the preparation and implementation of the research programme Horizon 2020.

Date: 24.11.2014