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A significant achievement in the field of organic electronics: fully organic, flexible optical memory elements

On June 21th 2016, the prestigious international journal Nature Nanotechnology published an article authored by an international scientific team comprising researchers from the University of Nova Gorica, the Strasbourg University (France), CNRS (France) and the Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany); the article describes the results of an experimental study showing that a carefully selected combination of semiconducting polymer and photosensitive molecules enables the fabrication of an exceptionally efficient optical memory element that allows the use of light instead of electric circuits to write and erase information. An individual device composed of these memory elements is capable of holding 256 times the amount of information that the memory unit of current technology can store. At the same time, these devices benefit from all the advantages of organic electronics they are relatively simple to fabricate and they are flexible, facilitating the creation of wearable electronics, e-paper and other modern electronic devices based on organic semiconductor materials.

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Date: 01.07.2016