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Research infrastructure
Central specialised information centres

The central specialised research centres (CSICs) were established for all scientific disciplines on the basis of a 2003 public tender. The CSICs process, store and communicate specialised information to all users in their respective scientific fields. They also monitor and supervise the compliance bibliographic units classification with the valid typology of documents/works for bibliography handling in the COBISS system (Tipologija-21.11.2002.pdf - format Acrobat, 96KB).

The details, conditions and procedures for selecting tenders for the co-financing of CSICs, the assessment procedure, the supervision of CSIC work, and the details on reporting CSIC results, are set out in the Rules on Co-Financing Central Specialised Information Centres.

An overview of the CSICs


Field CSIC
Natural Sciences University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering head: Dragotin Kardoš MA authorised representative: Dragotin Kardoš MA, tel. (+386 1) 2517-329 e-mail:
Engineering Central Technological Library head: Dr Mira Vovk-Avšič authorised representative: Dr Mira Vovk-Avšič, tel. (+386 1) 4763-777 e-mail:
Biotechnical Sciences University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty head: Dr Tomaž Bartol authorised representative: Jana Bradač MA, tel. (+386 1) 4231-161 e-mail:
Medicine Sciences University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Biomedical Informatics head: Dr Janez Stare authorised representative: Ema Dornik MA, tel. (+386 1) 5437-778 e-mail:
Social Sciences University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences head: Janez Jug MA authorised representative: Janez Jug MA, tel. (+386 1) 5805-151 e-mail:
Humanities Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts head: Dr Matija Ogrin authorised representative: Martin Grum, tel. (+386 1) 4706-295 e-mail:
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