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ARRS marks 10 years since the first usage of the eForms portal

On June 22 2017, the ARRS marked 10 years since the very first document was created by a user in the eForms portal (eObrazci).

The ARRS eObrazci portal was launched in 2007, enabling purely electronic operations between ARRS and its users. By using the eObrazci portal, the users – researchers and research organisations – can electronically manage all the procedures required by major ARRS funding mechanisms (Research programmes, Research projects and Young researchers).

The eObrazci portal enables the users to submit applications to public calls, to deliver annual, periodic or final reports, and to manage allocations of research hours among team members.

The visualisation bellow shows an increase of usage of the eObrazci portal. Along with an increased number of electronically submitted documents, the number of digitally signed documents has marked a rapid increase over the years (blue surface in the graph). The submission of digitally signed documents has largely reduced the administrative burden of providing documents in paper for both research organizations and the ARRS.

The share of digitally signed documents submitted to the eObrazci portal has reached 98% in 2017, in comparison to the 21% rate 10 years ago.

In 2017, the eObrazci portal was further upgraded with the eEvaluation module (eOcenjevanje), allowing evaluators a distance delivery of consensus reports.

Date: 29.06.2017